Every day the same dream

This game is about a man’s daily life, from he getting up to working in company and after he finished 5 step ,he will be a new person. Player can press arrows and space to play, and it is easy to control or operate, the man would have some conversation with different people. At first, I just keep the man go to right, and everything is normal. Actually ,between every scene, we can control the man to not wear the clothes or go to left. The picture and the characters are very simple,there is no superfluous color, only black, white and grey. But the game contain a deep meaning and ingenious design. It reflex human’s real life, busy ,boring and same. If it just a paper comic, player lost the choice. Most of people have to play many times to understand this game and explore the new events, if it just a paper comic, player lost the choice.,and people cannot find the deep meaning by themselves. In the whole story, player can control the man’s life, if they want to change his life, then they have to think with a new way. Artist refers that’ “Every day the same dream” is a slightly existential riff on the theme of alienation and refusal of labor. The idea was to charge the cyclic nature of most video games with some kind of meaning (i.e. the “play again” is not a game over). Yes, there is an end state, you can“beat”the game.’


(2009). experimental game play project.




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