jam-jar’s death

Character1: new jar-jam

Character2: sponge: it is dating with a overdue jar-jam.

Character3: bread: it would overdue soon.

Character4: dog: it is greedy for food.

Character5: owner

Place1:kitchen. Time: afternoon

Place2: dining room.Time: morning

Place3: floor. Time:evening

In a morning, a broken empty jar-jam was found on kitchen floor, someone murdered it or it suicided yesterday. Police locked three criminal suspect: sponge, bread and dog.

Memory of bread: bread meet the jam-jar in the table of dining room yesterday morning.bread:“ hi, jar, do you want a hug?” Jar-jam:“ oh, how enthusiastic you are!” Then bread just got a big piece of jam, and jam-jar said with a panic: “why did you do this to me!?” Bread :“ well,it’s just a normal daily routine.” Jam-jar left table angrily. Bread told the truth.

Memory of sponge: sponge saw jam-jar in the kitchen yesterday afternoon ,sponge:“ i’m hungry,can you give me some jar?” Jar-jam :“ get away from me, bread !” Jam-jar pushed sponge into the sink. Sponge:“ what?i’m just kidding ,also I’m not bread.” jam-jar:“ I’m so sorry, let me pull you up.” But sponge hidden the last part when it talked to police.sponge pushed it, jam-jar fell on the floor and broken. Then sponge absorbed a part of jar:“ well, you should never trust a stranger, you replaced my girlfriend’s state ,now she would be throw away ,it’s all your fault.” sponge went to jam-jar’s room and wrote a note“ new life

is too difficult for me, it’s time to find my dreamland.” Memory of dog: jam-jar:“ help me.” Dog sniff it and licked off the left jar, but it told police it just sniff and it told jar-jam“ sorry, my owner is calling me.”and ran to its owner. Finally, police found the liquid with jar in the sink, and sponge was the only one stayed in sink to take a shower. The owner as witness said when dog ran to him, he saw a little jar on its mouth.



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