Aislin Walsh.(2015).An Inspector Calls
Ken Arai.(2012).The Riddle库存图片-与果酱的罐的例证-image36628491库存例证-早餐桌顶视图-image60892329


who moved my jam?

outline story :A jam-jar was dead yesterday, was it murdered or suicided? Police locked three criminal suspects: sponge, bread and dog and investigated them. According their memory, they had different excuses to prove they didn’t killed jam-jar. But the truth was in the details. Actually, everyone was involved in the murder.

Concept : we got idea from a movie “AN INSPECTOR CALLS”.Everyone would be killer. Actually, every small thing you did in you life may lead others to another outcome.

How you are using the Unreliable Narrator:

We add the Unreliable Narrator on the characters and end of story. Firstly, we put some clues in our game to lead player to choose the real killer, and they don’t know who is telling the truth. Secondly, after player decided the answer, player can find the real answer is that three suspects all involved in the murder.